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MP3 Magic 2.02

It help the users to split mp3, chop it into pieces, or even join mp3 files
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The Applian mp3 magic is a very easy to use program that helps the end users to split the mp3, chop it into pieces, or even join mp3 files in a short time very easily. There are various mp3 files from which users like to eliminate the ads, noise, dead air or other unwanted filler. The mp3 magic is basically for this purpose. It is used to remove such unwanted contents from the files.
The user interface designed is very good. The software is compatible with windows 98 OS and later versions of the same. It allows making small segments of the file with respect to time, duration or file size. The software is very simple and handy to use. The user interface is easy to download and install. It asks the user to click one among the three options split by selection, split by time and split by size. The first option that is the split by selection option allows the user to hear the sound and select the fragment to be split. The second option provides the user the option of a time frame. All the fragments from the file are made depending on the time defined by the user. The third option gives user an option to the user to divide the file into fragments depending upon the size of file.
The mp3 magic also records sound and supports pausing of recordings and resuming of recordings. And also supports recording of Skype calls which is fascinating for most users. It can be further upgraded to a FreeCoder.

Manoj Goel
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  • Very easy to use and handy
  • Splitting, chopping, trimming and joining of files become faster
  • Downloading is easier and takes less space
  • Can be upgraded to freecoder but is not free


  • Supports only mp3 file format
  • Works only on windows OS and not on MAC
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